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When I am Prime Minister 1….

April 6, 2010

Are we the better for having advanced technology?  Episode 1 (I expect there will be more)

In the olden days we could phone who we wanted direct. We could call the operator and arrange to find out what our landline call cost after borrowing someone else’s landline phone.

Alas no more.

Consider this scenario I experienced with a certain phone company. (If I get cross enough I’ll tell you who they are.)

I used my mobile phone to contact the answer messages on my land line at home while I am away on a course. I found three messages – all urgent. I phoned the first people who are in my flat in Spain and have no hot water – the water heater suddenly went on the blink.  We were in the middle of arranging for someone in Spain to replace the tank and I was discussing how I could pay them. Mid conversation my mobile went dead – no warning. I eventually found out I had run out of credit. Silly me, I would have expected some kind of interrupting bleep to warn me well in time for me to top up again.

So I phoned the number for topping up using a card I had already registered. After feeding in a load of numbers, the automated voice said someone would speak to me. No one spoke to me – I was put into the loop again where I fed all my personal details in – no message telling me what was wrong  – just a message at the end saying to ‘try again later’ – No help!

After about half an hour of going round and round in the loop, I try the internet. I feed in my name and details and everything else they wanted to know to find, yet again, that I could not top up – no reason given (Why not. I ask?)

I try phoning the number they had on their internet site – I was told I did not have enough money on my phone to be able to access the number. Considering that this was supposed to be a customer care line – I would expect the first part of the call to be free in view of emergencies that arise such as mine.

I contact the firm by email. There is no immediate reply in my email box. One eventually arrives saying they will contact me in about 48 hours. No good for an emergency eh?

I eventually go in the internet again and try to find a shop for that brand of phone. I find it. By now, even though I had started at about 5 p.m. it is now 5.40 p.m.  I dash to the shop and arrive at 602 p.m.  The shop closed at 6 p.m. I explained my predicament through the window but the manager said he was closed – try Argos he said. I went to Argos – it has closed half an hour previously. (Gee thanks, I mutter).

I spot the landlord when I return to my lodgings. He is as helpful as he can be – rings 100 to try to get a call set up so that we can find out how much my calls cost – he is sent to the internet which fails him….

Tomorrow, I will purchase a new phone from a different company.

When I am Prime Minister I will insist every firm (and every council, by the way) abides by a code of practice which includes telling no lies – i.e. if they promise someone will speak to you on the phone this actually happens, if they are offering customer care they should not use a rip-off number and charge for this ‘care’.

Now that is off my chest, I feel a lot better. I might even face book or twitter about it too!