About Rosemary Westwell

I am a lover of life of the age of a recycled teenager. I want to be a writer who actually earns money with the craft but progress is slow. I am published in local magazines and occasionally get letters published in the more auspicious British press – I’m still working on it. I work from home, teaching piano and English, sometimes teaching EFL in Cambridge and writing my ‘book’/s – one possibly loosely based on my 2-and-a-half-year diary written while I studied myself trying ot learn Spanish and the other – that thriller that I have always thought I would write but haven’t actually got down to it. Now that I have finished my PhD and can call myself ‘Dr’ the way should be clear.. we shall see.

Otherwise I am the usual kind of person enjoying a good laugh, going to concerts and the theatre having regular holidays in sunny Spain (but avoiding the sun so that I don’t get skin cancer again). I have family – husband (with dementia), daughters and grandchildren (one with brain cancer). Aussie by birth and proud owner of a British passport too, I enjoy living in the UK and back whichever side is going to win when Australia and Britain meet in cricket or tennis matches.


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