I have a complaint

Thank goodness for the opportunity to express one’s thoughts on this website. A great place to sound off – especially when the issue seems to be very relevant. I think you’ve got it by now – I want to be a writer, a working, paid writer. I have been trying to be a writer for some time now. I managed to get a job writing for a small publication – I was paid ‘the going rate’ for my reviews. All was well. Then there was a change of editor. I send reviews regularly – most are ignored. I complained for the people who took part were peeved that they were ‘reported but not published’. I complained to the editor, the editor’s boss and the editor’s boss’s boss. Stone cold indifference.

I was delighted when my photos and a review were finally published. The sum total of payment for the job – £5!

On the other side of the coin a friend who is a writer complains she has too much writing work to do – writing marketing type articles for companies. Are we now a nation of advertisers advertising advertisers with nothing to show for it? Are our businesses reduced to being mere parasites on each other, not really contributing anything concrete or important? Is the media determined to stifle those of us who try to write and report events that really happen?


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