I love Spanish flamenco music

I adore the gutsy sound of Spanish flamenco music. I went to a concert recently and there were two guitarists and drummer playing gypsy flamenco from the south of Frence. – Great stuff. I wrote a review of them as I am wont to do. I have great trouble in trying to use plain English – I always sound as if I am talking through the top of my head – so, if you can bear with me, I will keep trying to come down to earth and write approachable reviews.
Here it is if you have time to read it:
Review of Lost Gitanos in the Mathodist Church Ely
Matthew and Graham Austin, two Ely residents who contribute to the daily running of Ely Cathedral, have an amazing talent. As “Los Gitanos” their guitar playing displays phenomenal virtuosic techniques that get right to the heart of the impassioned gypsy flamenco music that they play.
At their concert in Ely Methodist Church recently, accompanied by Crispin Semmens on drums (tabla or cajon), they drew the listeners into an exciting world of earthy, emotive music. Their strong fingers flew across the fingerboards in a faultless blur, at one time striking very clear folk melodies at another branching into rolling chords that adapted and changed, taking us to unexpected places. Captivating rhythms were enhanced with percussive fingers on the guitar case and with Crispin’s sensitively attuned drumming.
The atmosphere was exhilarating, involving us in moments of frenzy (e.g. “Rhuma de Manitas”), gentle amorous contemplation (e.g. “Amor d’un dia”), melancholy (e.g. “Sol del Moro” or contentment (e.g. “Caminando por la Calle”).
Ely is very fortunate to have such a talented trio in its midst. It is no wonder that they are in high demand and that they have played at fascinating venues such as the International Festival of Gypsy Life and for Hollywood superstar Cate Blanchett at the private celebration to mark the end of the filming of “The Golden Age”.
Their next major event will be in Ely Cathedral on September 6th 2007. You are advised to book early.
Rosemary Westwell


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