recycled teenagers on the language learning front

I’ve spent most of the day in the company of good friends. But this was no ordinary get-together – we all want to improve our French (what little we speak) and one way or another we are indeed learning new words each time we meet. As we are no spring chickens (I’d better say I am speaking for myself here) we know that it is probably going to be difficult, but there is little to say that we can’t learn a language as quickly as we did when we were young. We forget that when we were young we had all the time in the world to play at learning – when I was little I certainly didn’t have to do the shopping, clean the house, take the children backwards and forwards from school, do the ironing, gardening, admin and letter writing and go out to full-time work. So, if we recycled teenagers can still learn – who is to say that we can’t learn as well as we could when we were youngsters?


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