creative banking

I once thought that of all the institutions there are, you could trust banks to try to get it right, at least. A few seconds late with payments and they soon whack on the interest – they never seem to miss. Then I had a sneak look at my accounts online on the 1st of June. To my horror the bank had obviously ‘made up’ the dates. Entries of money being taken out had been listed using tomorrow’s date! If we tried to send post dated cheques would they accept them? – I think not. The other trick they have, I notice, is making you sign for currency that you have not actually received in your tiny hot hand while they hug it behind the bullet proof screen behind the counter in the bank. How are we to know that the teller is not suddently going to grab the money and run? – after all, we will have signed to say that we have received it already. Methinks I am going to look sideways at my banks’ activities in future. RJW


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