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the personal touch

June 29, 2007

The personal touch is the only way to communicate. Face to face – one-to-one. Email and blogs like this are OK but with immediate responses from the person you are trying to contact is much more effective and productive. You can get immediate feedback on your ideas and can devleop them together without trapsing through pages of info that my not match what you want to know exactly. Looking at your friend in the eye you can tell what they are really thinking, you can ask questions to get to the point and you can cheer ’em up and encourage them to provide more information. They say it is ‘who you know’ that counts and this is very true. Having spent over £1000 to a rogue plumber from the Yellow Pages, only word by mouth brought forth a reputable plumber so it’s word by mouth for me in future. So, why am I writing this blog to strangers? I am writing it because when I met a friend today she reminded me that if you want to be a writer, first you have to write! cheers Rosemary Westwell